New Stock & New Prices

TITAN Lithium batteries are back in stock, and they come with exciting new features and lower pricing for 2024!
Chris G (Manager)
February 2, 2024
4 min read

TITAN Lithium batteries are back in stock, and they come with exciting new features and lower pricing for 2024, all while keeping our pinnacle of quality as we forge on as the world's best lithium battery brand.

New Products:

We're proud to add a new variant to our Gold range - the 12V 180Ah. We took our ever-popular 150Ah size and added the top-of-the-line 180Ah cells to create a massive capacity of 2,304Wh, all while still sharing the same physical footprint as the 120Ah and 150Ah. With a 200A custom BMS, Bluetooth, heaters and active balance all installed as standard; this battery has already earned its spot in our Gold range of lithium batteries. With 180Ah of lithium capacity, we've enabled users to go off-grid for even longer without charging, while no longer needing to make extra space for a bigger battery, or even having to parallel two smaller sized batteries.

The 180Ah TITAN Lithium will be available to order very soon.

New Features:

The latest generation of TITAN lithium batteries comes with many new features that cement TITAN Lithium as the market leader for quality and features; all while other brands are scrapping their added options in an effort to reduce costs. These new features include:

  • All batteries now include internal heater mats as standard for cold weather charging - no more wondering if you should go for a non-heated variant for the extra cost
  • Our premium battery sizes above and including the 150Ah now include an active cell balancing system within the BMS to help elongate cell health and lifespan by ensuring all cells are balanced with each other
  • All batteries within our industrial-size cases (12V 200Ah and above) now include two communication ports - one for inverter communication with compatibility on all popular inverters to help improve system efficiency, and one for parallel BMS communication for lithium batteries put in parallel so each individual BMS can communicate with each other, also allowing for the highest performing lithium battery bank on the market. Inverter communication is a key step forward for solar system users as it allows the inverter to see exactly what the battery is doing, enabling all system components to communicate with each other, leading to a more efficient, longer-lasting system.

And the best part - all new features will come at no extra cost to customers.

Lower Pricing for 2024:

One of the most exciting aspects of this new batch is another drop to our prices. As demand increases, technological advancements streamline the production process and we improve our import processes, TITAN Lithium have been able to bring down the cost of our batteries. This reduction in pricing makes them more accessible to a wider range of consumers, opening up new possibilities for all of our existing and prospective customers.

With enhanced energy storage capacity, faster charging speeds, improved safety measures and now the only brand to offer all features possible on a lithium battery, TITAN Lithium continues to push the quality ceiling and functionality of what a lithium battery can provide. Backed up by our lifetime warranty and unmatched market customer service, now is the best time to invest in your lithium powered future.

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