About Us

TITAN Lithium is the UK's leading independent lithium battery specialists

At TITAN Lithium, we have honed the craft of battery distribution and service over the course of 75 years. Our extensive experience has allowed us to cater to numerous individuals, businesses and trade customers, ranging from sole traders to governmental departments.

We understand the expectations placed upon us and are committed to providing an stress-free buying process. We pride ourselves on our bespoke battery specifications, ensuring that our batteries can withstand almost every situation imaginable (apart from engine starting). Our products are able to last the lifetime of the connected vehicle or installation, providing a permanent energy storage solution in many applications.

Many have already experienced the benefits of our high-quality batteries in extreme, heavy-duty environments where traditional lead-acid batteries failed to last more than a year or two. All our batteries undergo rigorous official testing to comply with relevant safety and transport regulations, ensuring that you are receiving authentic, top-quality items.

As one of the last genuine battery specialists in the UK, our skilled engineers and mechanics are always on hand to provide support whenever you need it. Our parent business, and subsequently TITAN Lithium are both family-run and have been since 1948. This unique aspect to us means every item we sell is part of our DNA; we treat every item and sale as unique as the customer, so you won't find us stuffing products in a loose box and hoping it gets to you intact.

We're here for the long run and we hope to support you during this time.

Our Background

Our parent battery company was established in 1948 and has been run by the same family ever since.
Throughout those years, we have become one of the last true battery specialists in the UK with expert knowledge and service, unlike any other battery distributor.

Our Background

Our parent business is automotive based in the main, but we have extensive experience supplying all kinds of batteries, from mobility scooter packs to government building backup systems.

Throughout our long history, we've seen a huge amount of change in our market and have been part of that change - the last few years have been some of the most turbulent and exciting with pandemics and the fast advancement of the lithium sector.  

Our staff are hands-on with batteries and serving customers daily, so our recommendations are based on real-world experience. All of the products we sell are tested extensively by us

How TITAN came to be

How we spotted an opportunity to supply our customers with our service and the next tier of lithium battery.

How TITAN came to be

While distributing other lithium battery brands since 2010, we spotted an opportunity to provide our specialist service with the next tier of lithium batteries while giving ourselves more control and our customers better pricing and choice.

We noticed that due to the upfront expense of lithium, customers were seeking knowledge and reassurance to invest in this new technology, something we have been providing for the last 75 years.

We teamed up with our fantastic manufacturing partners and developed the TITAN lithium range.

We named ourselves after a simple fact - our batteries tower above all others.

What does Δ in our logo and images denote? Δ is Delta, the fourth letter in the Greek alphabet; 4 for the number of phosphate atoms in LiFePO4.

Our values

Throughout our years in the battery business, we've naturally landed on a mindset that puts us apart from the rest; to give a service that we would want to receive ourselves.

Our values

By giving this type of service, we've found that simply being human to our customers is rewarding in its own right.

We've always prided ourselves on not only supplying the best quality items available at fair prices but providing customer service like no other.

We're a quality-over-quantity company, so we tend to sell out a lot of the time, but we'd rather sell brand-new batteries over old stock.

We're serious about our impact; we are continuously looking for ways to improve our footprint and fund new climate-saving projects.

Our Timeline

1948 - 1960

The start of our business


After the second world war, our company's founder set up our battery business along side a sister precision engineering firm; both still going strong today


Thanks to our engineering background, we began making our own lead-acid batteries for vehicles for our local UK markets


The 60's brought in new technologies in manufacturing thanks to the investment in the EU after the war, so we wound up our own manufacturing to focus on distributing these new world class products

1970 - 2000

Business development and expansion


The business was handed down to the founders son who still runs the main parent business to this day


Further natural expansion in the veichle market meant a booming business for battery replacements. We also made a huge amount of business and trade relations we still enjoy today


Further natural growth in a fast growing standardised market. We focused more on our local market and continued to perfect our customer service and battery knowledge


Competing in a changing world


Business plateaued off for local vehicle batteries as we enjoyed fantastic customer loyalty from our customer base. E-commerce competition started popping up with mail-order batteries


During the market downturn, we continued to offer our services and products through some difficult time for businesses and the public


The third generation joined the family business and started development on our own E-commerce website to join the ever increasing competitive online battery market


Exponential online growth and the start of lithium


Our new site completed and a focus on organic online sales began. Over the next few years, we would enjoy a doubling of online sales each year in what is now an extremely competitive market


Lithium golf batteries have become the new norm, and we were one of the first distributors in the UK to stock lithium batteries back in the early 2010's. Larger capacities were on the horizon

2018 - 2020

Customers started to ask for large lithium batteries for leisure uses & we started to distribute new lithium brands while the market started to take off, all while learning the day-to-day chemistry and technical features


Lithium growth and TITAN


The pandemic led to a initial slowing of all battery markets, followed by a huge uptake in business for automotive - we changed our focus to automotive to keep up with demand


With the world opening back up but with travel restrictions, many opted to have staycations, which led to a large increase in the latest technology; lithium batteries. At this point, we started work on our own brand as we saw our opening within this new market


We worked closely with our production partners to ensure high quality products to match our expectations and customer demands.
Our range of TITAN lithium batteries was launched and our first batch sold out within a month

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