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Battery Business Services, With Over 75 Years Of Experience

At TITAN Lithium, we have honed the craft of battery distribution and service over the course of 75 years. Our extensive experience has allowed us to cater to numerous business and trade customers, ranging from sole traders to governmental departments. As your supplier, we understand the expectations placed upon us and are committed to providing a stress-free procurement process.

We pride ourselves on our bespoke battery specifications, ensuring that our batteries can withstand almost every situation imaginable (apart from engine starting). Our products are able to last the lifetime of the connected vehicle or installation, providing a permanent solution for your customers. Many businesses have already experienced the benefits of our high-quality batteries in extreme, heavy-duty environments where traditional lead-acid batteries failed to last more than a year or two.

All our batteries undergo rigorous official testing to comply with relevant safety and transport regulations, ensuring that you are supplying authentic, top-quality items to your customers. As one of the last genuine battery specialists in the UK, our skilled engineers and mechanics are always on hand to provide support whenever you need it.

Our parent business, and subsequently TITAN Lithium are both family-run and have been since 1948. This unique aspect to us means every item we sell is part of our DNA; we treat every item and sale as unique as the customer, so you won't find us stuffing products in a loose box and hoping it gets to you intact. We're here for the long run and we hope to support you during this time.

Trade Accounts:

We are pleased to offer our valued repeat customers an exclusive discount on our complete range of products. This arrangement provides a win-win situation for both parties, as it enables us to sell our inventory and distribute our products across various applications, while also giving you the opportunity to provide your customers with world-class batteries and the flexibility to set your own markup.

Our QC is based here in the UK which means we also brand/sticker our products here. This allows us to offer our range unbranded should you require it, or even design and brand the batteries under your company name, allowing you to provide a fully featured company-branded product with none of the legwork or hassle involved.

Credit Terms:

For those who plan to order often and/or in higher quantities, we can offer credit terms on invoices via our parent company. We offer 30-day terms to these businesses, and can accept purchase orders via phone and email. Please note, we only offer credit to businesses that have already ordered and paid for an order at least once.

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